Terms of Use for Libraries Public Workstations

The Libraries' computer stations are provided for the purpose of retrieving academic information in support of the scholarly, education, and service mission of the University. Appropriate use of these computers follows the same standards of common sense, courtesy, and time constraints that govern use of other shared resources. An individual's time may be limited if other users are waiting.

Responsible use of shared resources requires that individuals refrain from altering hardware, software, or data configurations, and from excessive recreational use. University policies regarding use of campus networks, hardware, and software apply. Purdue University's IT Resource Acceptable Use Policy (VII.A.2) is available at

Access to the Internet allows access to information from around the world. Its content is not managed or governed by any entity. Users may encounter information and images that they may find disturbing or offensive. The Libraries Web site provides links to Web pages in support of the information needs of library users. Such links are not intended as official endorsements. Users should properly evaluate remote resources according to their academic information needs. Many of the resources found on the Internet are copyright protected. It is the user's responsibility to respect ownership and intellectual property rights.

As privacy cannot be guaranteed, others may see what an individual is viewing. Users should clear the screen of search results when finished. Users should consider the sensibilities of others in accessing networked resources at public access stations and using shared printers. Display of sexually explicit material in these public settings may be considered intimidating, offensive, or hostile to others. Such activity may, therefore, constitute a violation of the University's Anti-Harassment (III.C.1) policy: