Publishing Services

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Purdue Libraries and School of Information Studies supports the university mission of publishing scholarly works through multiple service offerings. From print to digital, for purchase or open access, and articles to books, we have resources available to help you along your publishing journey.


Purdue University Press

Purdue University Press provides quality resources in several key subject areas, including business, technology, health, veterinary sciences, and other selected disciplines in the humanities and sciences. As well as publishing around 25 books a year, and three subscription-based journals, the Press is committed to broadening access to scholarly information using digital technology. As part of this initiative, the Press distributes a number of Open Access electronic-only journals.

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Purdue Faculty Provided New Opportunities to Publish

Purdue University Libraries and School of Information Studies and the Provost’s Office are partnering with Purdue University Press in an initiative to help faculty publish books. New opportunities for publishing may include lecture notes, other educational materials, curated extension publications, etc. The Press will also assist with finding other presses or publishers for your book and offers annual workshops on writing a book proposal.

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Open Access Publishing Partnerships

Open Access publishing leads to more discovery, more downloads, and more global access to Purdue’s giant leaps in research. At Libraries, we see open access partnerships with major journal publishers as a key part of our goal to create more equitable, sustainable publishing options for Purdue authors, and in turn, to foster more equitable access to their research.

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Purdue e-Pubs

Purdue e-Pubs is a service of the Purdue University Libraries, providing online publishing support for original publications as well as hosting for Purdue-affiliated articles, reports, conference proceedings, student scholarship, and more. Contact the Libraries to discuss opportunities to bring additional Purdue-affiliated scholarship online.

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Purdue University Research Repository (PURR)

The Purdue University Research Repository is a research collaboration and data management solution for Purdue researchers and their collaborators. PURR allows you to collaborate on research and publish datasets online.

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